How and why join the Association

Reasons to join

The Neapolitan Brain Group (NBG) is a non-profit association, established with the aim of promoting cultural interactions in the neuroscience community in Campania.

All the Association's activities are funded by free contributions of the members: joining the Association means giving, with a minimum annual cost, your contribution to the development of this cultural initiative.
Joining the NBG means also being part of a dynamic community, getting to know and interacting with colleagues from similar areas, opening up opportunities for scientific collaboration.
Members will receive a periodic newsletter, providing updates on the Association’s initiatives and research activities on the field of the neuroscience. Furthermore, seminars and round tables will be organized on topics of particular relevance. Members can suggest by interacting with the Scientific Committee.
NBG offers, through its website, newsletter and mailing list, the opportunity to reach the community of neuroscience in Campania with announcements of scientific initiatives, job offers and networking opportunities.
Finally, being a member also means being able to vote on the main issues of the Association and on the composition of its governance at the general meetings of the members.

How to join

Becoming a member is easy!
Just pay the annual fee (10 euros) by bank transfer to the IT11Y0306967684510774879695 account (holder: “Associazione NBG”) indicating “payment of annual membership fee for the year XXXX”

Together with the bank transfer receipt, please send the following information to the NBG Secretariat (Prof. Simona Paladino
- place and date of birth
- residency
- profession
- institution