Thursday, April 8, 2021

Online seminar: "Dopamine related disorders: new models and prospective therapeutic approaches" by Damiana Leo

IBBR-NBG Joint Seminar

Thursday, 15th April 2021 


Dopamine related disorders: new models and prospective therapeutic approaches

Dr. Damiana Leo
Department of Neuroscience, University of Mons, Belgium   

    The dopamine transporter (DAT) is a presynaptic monoamine transporter that mediates dopamine reuptake at the synapse and is subjected to short- and long-term regulation by multiple drugs and physiological processes. Further, mutations in the gene encoding the DAT protein (SLC6A3) can lead to severe neuropsychiatric diseases. Despite decades of studies describing the role of DAT, whether the influence of the DAT goes beyond the reuptake of dopamine is still a matter of debate. 

    Here, we present a newly developed strain of rats in which the gene encoding the dopamine transporter (DAT) has been disrupted (Dopamine Transporter Knockout rats [DAT-KO rats]). DAT-KO rats display functional hyperdopaminergia accompanied by pronounced spontaneous locomotor hyperactivity. DAT-KO rats also demonstrate cognitive deficits in working memory and sensorimotor gating test. 

    These observations highlight the key role of DAT in the control of brain dopaminergic transmission. DAT-KO rats could provide a novel translational model for human diseases involving aberrant dopamine functions such as Attention Deficit with Hyperkinetic disorders, Dopamine Transporter Deficiency Syndrome, Parkinson's disease and partly bipolar disorders. 

Il seminario si terrà in forma di webinar : 

Contact: Dr Elia Di Schiavi